The starting programme, which always is on site at Tom’s yard, is of course flexible according to the needs of horse and rider, but generally follows a 6 week time frame. An initial 4 week period where all the basics are covered to a good level of relaxed schooling in the arena at all paces with calm and confidence,  as well as hacking in the open and on roads (both alone and in company – first and last) as well as all handling (feet and legs, dentist, tying up, leading, mounting block) and of course, loading. This is followed by a break for the horse to chill out and process all that it has learned back at home,  before returning for a further 2 week period with Tom for reinforcement of all the standards developed.  Within this later time is also when the owner/rider becomes involved, being shown all the controls and techniques for their own confidence and to further their horse’s education.

The 6 week package includes 5 rides/training sessions per week monday to friday, with 7 day full livery including feed, hay and bedding and all round care.   Tom believes in allowing a horse to have down time during this training period, so horses are usually turned out into the paddocks for a few hours a day to enjoy the grass and relax.

Included for all horses staying with Tom, is a physical bodyworks and dental examination on arrival to ensure that there are no physical problems. Tom has regular visits from a farrier so shoeing/ trimming can be arranged as well as a regular visit from the vet if required.

Behavioural Problems

Tom is happy to discuss your horses behavioural issues and make a plan. He covers issues such as rearing, bolting, bucking, loading, napping, nipping, mounting and traffic issues, hacking challenges as well as general manners on the ground and on board. 

Behavioural problems differ so dramatically from horse to horse and from rider to rider and Tom offers bespoke solutions packages to both the most experienced rider and high level horse as well as novices, happy hackers and everything in between!

Further Services

Tom is happy to involve other professionals to ensure the very best for your horse.  We have access to bitting experts, dietary specialists, saddlers.  All these additional services can be arranged at cost ensuring that your horse’s welfare and wellbeing is paramount and within your budget.

Services in Starting, Remedial, Training, On/Off Site Lessons & Loading.
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